Penile prosthesis for ED

What is the surgical solution for impotence?

(Penile prosthesis)

Prosthetic surgery to implant an artificial erection device. It is an excellent method for people who suffer from an organic disease that cannot be cured or is difficult to treat. It is a cosmetic procedure. The person appears very normal, and the wife may not know that her husband has performed a surgical operation unless he tells her. Two main stents or prosthetic devices which are implanted in a patient with impotence

The first type, which is similar or simulated closest to the natural one, consists of two supports, a pump, and a store to receive the liquid that is pumped into the supports, and it is more expensive than the other type and is more prone to mechanical failures and problems, although the modern types are much better than them now. And very rarely, do problems occur with it, and the second type is semi-flexible. Which is bent and erected by hand when needed.

And everything from the feeling of pleasure and ejaculation for the man is as it is, except that the erection has become not with the mind, but with the hand.

Simply put, a filling or prosthesis is placed in the patient’s penis inside both of the corpora cavernosa, which in a normal person gives an erection when aroused

sexuality, then two pillars of a specific material that the body does not reject are implanted in every damaged cavernous body, and the result is that the body transforms the weak or incapacitated penis into a penis with a great deal of hardness and gives the appearance of a wonderful erection that receives a great degree of

Satisfaction with his life partner.

We would like to point out here some of the wonderful features that this genius solution provides to the ED patient:

The person who has the prosthesis installed can have sex however he wants and whenever he wants without fear or anxiety of flaccidity or rapid ejaculation (because he does not relax after ejaculation) or erectile dysfunction, because the penis is erect after the prosthesis is installed and do not relax except by the person’s own, will no matter how long it takes.

After the operation, the person can practice intimate relations completely naturally in terms of desire, pleasure, ejaculation, or otherwise, and only the erection changes, which is controlled manually and not through thinking or excitement as it was before.

The person can have sexual intercourse without fear of physical stress because the erection provided by the prosthesis does not exhaust energy

The body is like a normal erection, and therefore some people, such as cardiac patients, benefit greatly from this feature as well.

People who have a wife or more love frequent sexual intercourse, so they can satisfy her without it being stressful for them.

This surgical solution is an ideal solution for many patients with diabetes, pressure, heart, depression, or severe exercise stress that does not respond to drug treatment, and who suffer from varying degrees of impotence, as well as patients with penile fibrosis (Peruni) where there is a curvature with sexual weakness.

It is also considered an ideal solution for those who dislike other methods of treatment, such as pills or local needles in the penis.

Likewise, he does not have to plan for the sexual operation first and wait for the effect of the pill or the needle, but rather at any moment, he wants to have intercourse.

His wife can do it perfectly.

It is also an ideal solution to compensate for the difference in age and health between a young wife and a man in his fifties, sixties, or more.

He can meet her sexual needs with complete efficiency

It remains said that the operation is considered a one-day surgery, where the patient stays for several hours after the operation and then leaves The hospital on the same day or the next morning, and he can practice his normal life the next day, except for sexual intercourse, which he refrains from for 4 to 6 weeks until the prosthesis is completely healed inside the body so that there is no trace of the operation in the body.

The penis and everything seem normal in front of the wife unless he tells her.

Types of Prothsis:
There are three main types of Penile prosthesis:

  • American triple hydraulic Prosthesis

An inflatable type consisting of three units, one of which is placed in the testicular sac, the other behind the front pelvic bone, and the third in the two chambers of the penis, where when sexual intercourse is needed, pressure is placed on the one in the testicular sac, and liquid moves from the reservoir (reservoir) located behind the pelvic bones to flow into the penis and swell and expand and an erection occurs

After the completion of sexual intercourse, pressure is applied, and the opposite occurs, and it returns to relaxation. The advantage of this type is that it is more like a normal erection and more solid and stable. Likewise, the penis in normal times is in a relaxed position. Likewise, there is a modern type of it that increases the size of the penis in length and girth. He betrayed him over 3-6 months after installation.

Just like the natural one and the defects, it is more expensive than the other type, and sometimes mechanical defects may occur in operation, as well as less age


  • The American Malleable or rigid prosthesis

He is flexible, and he implanted two supports in the two chambers for the original erection of the penis, and during sexual intercourse, the penis is straightened by hand forward, that is to an erection, and upon completion, it is bent downward

The disadvantage of this type is that when the fold is placed downward, the penis is also solid and long, and also one of its disadvantages is that the penis becomes thinner with time.

Its advantage is that it is less expensive, has a longer life, and there are almost no mechanical faults because its use is easy and there is no complication in it, but

The defect is that the penis feels solid even when it is bent downward, and the difference between the size of an erect and bent penis is not great, and this may annoy some.

Written by/ Dr. Mohamad Habous

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