In addition, at Al-Thamal Medical Center for one-day surgery, Khamis Mushait branch, there is new scientific leadership in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, using the (rezum) technique and treating it with water vapor, as (rezum) is currently considered one of the advanced and successful treatments globally for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Al-Shamal Medical is considered one of the first medical centers in the south to introduce the technique of treating benign prostatic hyperplasia with water vapor (rezum) through laparoscopy and without surgery. We also consider the center that has treated the largest number of such cases in the south so far at the hands of internationally licensed urologists.

One of the most prominent problems that patients with an enlarged prostate usually suffer from is difficulty urinating, pre-urination, and increased frequency of urination day or night. Most of the usual treatments negatively affect a man’s sexual health and his ability to have children. As for the traditional interventional or surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, it is feared that it will cause bleeding. And the ejaculation faded away.

The modern technology (Rhysium) is characterized by the scarcity or absence of these affecting complications, as this innovative technology works by injecting water vapor into the prostate tissue without affecting its surroundings, as the effect is limited only to the vaporization of the enlarged prostate tissue by fading it and the disappearance of the obstruction while leaving the surrounding tissues Prostate is healthy and effective, mainly responsible for reproduction and urinary control. The rezum technique is distinguished by the short time it takes to operate it under anesthesia, as it takes about fifteen minutes, after which the patient returns to his home. He can carry out his daily activities in an insignificant time.

This process is considered more effective than the medications the patient is usually forced to take for life, in addition to the resulting complications such as low pressure, poor desire, sexual ability, and childbearing.

Rhizium (REZUM)

Or the thermal evaporation technique to treat an enlarged prostate

It is a new technology licensed by the Food and Drug Administration

America, Europe, and Saudi Arabia

The technique is performed under simple anesthesia

It takes 15 minutes, during which steam is injected into separate parts of the prostate through a urethroscope, with a temporary catheter placed.

Without the need for surgical incision or curettage and opening the abdomen as is usual with traditional methods and without any complications or negative effects on the fertility and sexual ability of the patient

Advantages of using the rhizome technique:

✔️ Rapid improvement

✔️ Practicing a normal life within a few days

✔️ Does not include any permanent implants

✔️ It does not affect sexual ability after the operation

✔️ It is a one-day surgery that can be performed under local anesthesia

✔️ Scientifically and clinically proven safety and efficacy.

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